do you have «EGG» * to Cultivate a new way of doing business?     

Calling all nature & culture lovers to co-create business projects able to generate ecological harmony, incomes and happiness! 

How long do we have to wait until we see a new generation of social, ecological and cultural projects aimed to take care of the world?

The answer is blowing in the wind … and for sure in the value that we can find & give to Nature & Culture(s)  that are surrounding us.

We need more and more businesses lead by sensible, creative and eco-intelligent people!

That is why  I love to co-walk and co-work with biologists, artists,  creative people, nature lovers, digital nomads, world travelers, designers,  product and change makers, dreamers, thinkers, philosophers, lifesavers, caregivers, creative industries, social brands, business angels, connectors and managers with big heart & art …

I am passionate about finding new ideas, tools, business models and marketing campaign to nourish their business, boost their sales and generate a harmonious professional development.

At the same time, I am always inspired by the knowledge these professionals are bringing to the world and how it is so fundamental in order to find better ways of working, living & growing professional and personal projects… from a feminine perspective.

But what makes me more excited by the idea is that

together we can work less & better, enjoy, take care, collaborate and co-create projects that have a positive social, cultural and environmental impact.  

Let’s co-work
& co-walk  

Our methodology to create, grow and boost a new generation of Creative Business is based on Design & Poetic thinking…

“el camino se hace al andar” said the poet… (the path is created while walking) …

so here are the steps we usually follow to find our way:


Active listening
We walk into Nature or Cultural surrounding (museum, art exhibition..) and I listen to your history. My purpose is to discover  your “inner landscape” and the purpose that drives your actions and is at the heart of your «cuore Business»
Design Thinking & open Inspirations to get a new VISION

I will help you identify and solve the main problems you may face by finding solutions inspired by anthropology, Chinese medicine, biology, and many other disciplines where NATURE & CULTURE are the masters… everything is much easier than we think 😉 

We will design your  Business Visual Map that will give you a clear path to follow for the next months. 

An innovation of your business model based on your personal, professional & ECOSYSTEM wellbeing
We will revise or define your Business model looking for the   (re)generator & beneficial effect that your business can generate for all the actors of your ECOsystem: for you;  your family, fools & friends; the society and the planet we are all sharing.
Optimization & EFICACITY
We will optimize your day by day thanks to disruptive business tools,  cyclical & circular economy knowledges that I will share with you 
Boost a creative marketing
we conceive disruptive social projects to (Re) think your marketing strategy and increase its attractiveness: we can boost sales and multiply incomes at the same time that we take care of the world! 
Get the People, time & money you need
I will help you to evaluate & attract the fundamental resources needed to make everything  possible: time, talented people and «seed capital»

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