INSPIRA* offers original training programs directed to  companies or professionals who desire to awake a feminine & entrepreneurship vision in their organisation and (re)view  their business or profesional direction from this creative and innovative perspective.


A 60 min conference diferent & creative to present «the 5 elements matrix» and understand how the feminine vision can boost innovation into companies. A theory illustrated by the business development case of SIARQ Advanced solar Design 



Training program of 5 modules to discover a creative & circular entrepreneurship vision, knowledge,  tools and feminine way of doing business. 

  • VISION: discover innovative business models
  • LEADERSHIP:  let’s your heart be the leader
  • ECO-EFFECTIVENESS:  cyclical and disruptive tools of project management 
  • CREATIVITY to boost a new generation of marketing campaigns
  • AUDIT your inner voice & attract the fundamental resources 

To increase the effectiveness of the training and introduce «learning by doing & feeling» methodologies, the seminary can have a residencial format of 3 / 4 days including: 

  • specifics  training workshops on entrepreneurship topics facilitated by experts
  • Inspiring Cultural and outdoors activities in Nature to nourish our “heart & art” 
  • The «Eggy moments» = Space and time to experiment Serendipity and the «fare niente» powerful philosophy. 


Please contact if you are interested to program it in your very inspiring place or you think some  people of your organisation would enjoy it.


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