It’s time to co-create Positive impact business projects  


Let’s be inspired by Nature & Culture to rethink the way we do business from a feminine perspective

«I’m an artist, strategic business designer and creative marketing consultant. I enjoy thinking and co-creating projects with social, cultural and environmental spirit & positive impacts.»   Axelle Vergés


Calling all nature & culture lovers to co-create business projects able to generate harmony, incomes, and happiness for all the actors of their ECOsystem! 


How long do we have to wait until we see a new generation of social, ecological and cultural projects aimed to take care of the world?

The answer is blowing in the wind … and for sure in the value that we can find & give to Nature & Culture(s)  that are surrounding us.

We need more and more businesses lead by creative and eco-intelligent people!

That is why  I love to co-walk and co-work with biologists, artists,  creative people, nature lovers, digital nomads, world travelers, designers,  product and change makers, dreamers, thinkers, philosophers, lifesavers, caregivers, creative industries, social brands, business angels, connectors and managers with big heart & art …

I am passionate about finding new ideas, tools, business models and a new generation of marketing campaigns to nourish their businesses, boost their sales and generate a harmonious professional development.

At the same time, I am always inspired by the knowledge these professionals are bringing to the world and how it is so fundamental in order to find better ways of working, living & growing professional and personal projects… from a feminine perspective!

But what makes me more excited by the idea is that…

Together we can work less & better, enjoy, take care, collaborate and co-create projects that have a positive social, cultural and environmental impact.  

We boost & INSPIRE creative entrepreneurship



INSPIRA* offers creative mentoring, disruptive learning experiences and resourcing Escapes in the most beautiful landscapes and inspiring cultural surroundings

All what you need to  boost creative entrepreneurship  from an innovative and creative feminine perspective… 

360º (re)VISION tour

Escape 2 days in a very inspiring Natural & Cultural surrounding to refresh, revise and boost an eco-intelligent & harmonious growth of your business.
+ INFO here

feminine leadership

3/4 days training program with “heart & ART” to boost a feminine entrepreneurship’s spirit in your organisation

PITSIES art workshop

Creative “mindfulness” workshop to awake your creativity and find your positive CLAIM to take care of the world!

DIY business model

Discover the “Flower Power” model, an ebook (in spanish!) to work by yourself in designing an optimized business model.


INSPIRA*’s methodology to create, grow and boost a new generation of Creative Businesses is based on Design & Poetic thinking…

“el camino se hace al andar”… the path is created while walking …

 so here are the steps we usually follow to find our way:

  • ACTIVE LISTENING: we will walk & work in Nature and Cultural surrounding.  I will listen to your history and discover in your “inner landscape” the purpose that drives your actions and stand at the heart of your “cuore Business” 
  • DESIGN THINKING: we will identify the source of the main problems you are facing and find solutions inspiring us in art, anthropology, Chinese medicine, biology, and many other disciplines where NATURE & CULTURE are the masters.  We will design the Business Visual Map that will give you a clear strategic path to follow. 
  • INNOVATION OF YOUR BUSINESS MODEL: We will conceive a Business model that will have a (re)generator & beneficial effect for all the actors of your ECOsystem: for you;  your family, fools & friends; the society and the planet we are all sharing.  
  • OPTIMIZATION of your day by day thanks to disruptive business tools,  cyclical & circular economy knowledge that I will share with you. 
  • SOCIAL & CREATIVE MARKETING BOOSTER to (Re) think your marketing strategy and increase the attractiveness of your Ecosystem, boost sales and create new incomes. 
  • ATTRACT PEOPLE, TIME & MONEY.  Introduce you to the “being eggy” …& less spermy..;-) way of doing  in order to evaluate & attract the fundamental resources need to make everything  possible: time, talented people and “seed capital” 






Businesses inspired by a place, coworking conception, creative Business lab .. INSPIRA* business & space design services combine «interior architecture + disruptive business model + Community management» to boost a circular, feminine and blue economy in local ecosystems. 


The «Studio Itinerante Architecture» we created in 2000 in Barcelona Activa was one of the first coworking space in Spain and was open to all creative entrepreneurs with a positive project to develop: dancers, architects, designers, writers, hackers, choreographers, sculptors, painters, economists, journalists, biologists, social entrepreneurs, film makers and so much more shared our disruptive space and projects. 


Since then,   InspirA* has been since  participating in the creation of several Creative and Coworking spaces in Barcelona, Costa Brava & Palma de Mallorca. 



Always well surrounded! 

I am lucky enough to share the projects I am involved in, with wonderful people and businesses: connected to the same vision, with big hearts and a lot of art, complementary skills, authority in their fields, sensibility, and happiness! 

Travelling to participate to new business projects is my passion but I also love to host newcomers in the coworking space and community of creative entrepreneurs I co-created or I am taking care off. 

More about my experience and community...

After starting my professional career in the French TV M6 (metropole television SA) in 1998 I became one of the first e-business consultants for innovation projects in the TIC sector in Barcelona (Briefing Agency & AGM the global market company) working with companies such as La caixa, TVC (catalan TV & radio) and others early adopters players of the digital sector. At 27 years of age, I decided to work exclusively for social, cultural and environmental projects.

I co-founded in 2000, Studio Itinerante Arquitectura SL, with the French- American economist Tristan Peirotes and the Italian architect  & designer Alessandro Caviasca. Since then, we have been involved in plenty of idealistic projects: reducing CO2 emissions, promoting local culture and helping artists, social entrepreneurs and «purpose-driven» professionals in creating and growing their business projects. 

Our company is a pioneer in sustainable architecture and the integration of solar technologies in urban furniture. The brand SIARQ Advanced Solar Design ( created in 2003 is an internationally recognised leading name in sustainable design.  We also participated in the creation of several creative and innovative companies as Dadadis SL, a disruptive digital content distribution system co-created in 2002 with well-known personalities of the Music Industry as Alberto Guijaro (founder of the Primavera Sound Festival ) and Maarten Van Wijck (co-founder of among others.

The initiative InspirA* the art of business in feminine was born in 2012, thanks to a collaboration with Sophia Style (Founder of Mujer Cíclica)  in order to introduce women working with women in the art of doing business and developing their professional career. The training program feminine entrepreneurship (emprender en femenino)  was created in order to find perspectives, resources and tools that inspire women and every creative and sensible person. More than 100 projects have been mentored and inspired by InspirA*  and we are always looking for new ways to help more entrepreneurs to multiply positive impact projects in the world. 



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whY don’t we  take care of the world ?  

LET’s BE PITSIE! We don’t want to change the world or save it, we are not super women!  We just want to take care of it by creating  ECO-systemic projects able to add value to nature & local culture…   with slow movements, with dance & Colors, with heart and solidarity.

We are PITSIES «dones del Pits ben alts» for those who understand catalan 😉 

InspirA* the art of business in feminine is an initiative to boost an innovative & creative way of doing business.

Our mission is to nourish businesses and initiatives with heart & art and help them grow in an eco-intelligent & harmonious way. 



I will be delighted to give you more info about 360º (re)vision tours, «co-mando» missions, Pitsies art workshops or any other original ideas you would like to co-create!

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